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Born April 2o, 1998. Sean Williams aka Kid Flvsh is a renowned Multi-Platinum Cover Artist, Animator, Painter & CEO of Flash FWD Productions, LLC. He is the man behind the hand drawn cover artworks for some of New York's biggest hits to date such as, "City of Gods", "F.N", "Shake It', "2055", "Tip Toe" and much more. Flvsh (pronounced "Flash") also has an animated mini series called "Da Flies" in which he is the lead animator and voice acts the main character. Kid Flvsh is a pivotal creator apart of New York City's music and entertainment scene.

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My Story

 Originally from New Jersey, I started off drawing at an early age. 10 years old to be exact and i've never put my pencil down since. I was introduced to it by a good friend named 'Taysir'. Along the way, I have picked up many trades as i grew older and more wiser. Fast forwarding to my early college years, where my journey really began, I stumbled into a life on a path I never saw coming. The year was 2016 and I was 18 at the time. I jumped right into my first semester at Art Institute of Philadelphia, 1 month after graduating high school. 


 I attended that school for about a year and a half and unfortunately had to transfer due the school being closed down for fraud and money laundering. Although that was a big sour spot in my life at the time, Living in Philly was a  life-changing experience! I met my best friend, 'Tyon', who later on introduced me to a group of artists tied to Dave East. One of the artists had a song with East and needed a cover art in order to release it to the public. My phone rang with an opportunity that would unknowingly change my life forever. I completed the artwork in under 3-4 hours while in art history class at my new college, Pratt Institute.

 Thus, my first cover art was born! November 30, 2017 was the day the song released and on that day I got my first publication on Hypebeast Magazine. After that day, business began booming! Before i knew it, I was doing artwork and animations for the likes of Lil Tjay, Sheff G, Sleepy Hallow, Fivio Foreign, Lil Wayne, Dj Khaled , Kanye West and so much more. I've even managed to work with all sorts of brands and network/entertainment companies as well such as Tier NYC, Adidas, VH1's Wild N' Out and many more. 2 years later in the same month, I started my business Flash FWD Productions, LLC. and took the role of CEO.

 Nowadays, I mainly put focus into my animated mini series "Da Flies" and developing my many other talents. There's no telling where my life will go or what it has to offer but I remain optimistic and look forward to what it will bring and what I will accomplish next!



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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